Printing refers to the process of reproducing text or images on printing material for marketing and promotional campaigns.

ColorFab offers premium quality printing solutions and timely services at affordable rate. We offer high quality printing services that are required for exhibitions, awareness campaigns, business promotions and trade shows.

Our printing service include sticker printing, vehicle branding, banner printing, flex printing, canvas printing, rollup stand, popup standoffset printing and signage to cater all your indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

There are several different printing technologies and methods. Some common printing methods as follows:

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is a modern printing method that involves the direct transfer of digital files from a computer or other digital sources onto various printing material.

Digital Printing method commonly used for:

Sticker Printing is a popular advertising tool which is best to fulfil wide range advertising needs.

Flex Printing is a popular advertising medium which is gaining popularity & best suited for indoor outdoor advertising requirements.

Banner Printing used for promoting events, advertising businesses, conveying messages and enhancing brand visibility.

Outdoor Signage like banners, billboards, and outdoor signs for advertising and branding purposes.

Indoor Signage like posters, wall graphics, and displays for retail stores, trade shows and exhibitions.

Vehicle Advertisement are printed graphics on vehicles for advertising and branding.

Event Graphics like backdrops, stage banners, and promotional materials for events and conferences.

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is a traditional commercial printing method. It involves transferring ink from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the paper. This method is known for its high-quality and is often used for large print runs.

Offset printing commonly used for:

Brochures are folded sheets of paper that typically contain information about a company, product or event. They can be single-fold, bi-fold, or tri-fold and are suitable for providing detailed information to potential customers.

Flyers and Posters are one-page or multi-page documents designed to catch the eye quickly and convey a concise message. Flyer often used for event promotion, sales and product launches.

Business Cards contain contact information and branding details for individuals or companies. Business card are often exchanged during networking events and meetings.

Catalogues are printed materials that showcase a company’s products or services in a structured and organized manner.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing involves pressing ink through a stencil (screen) onto the printing surface. It’s commonly used for printing on fabric, posters, metal, glass, plastic and promotional materials. It’s a versatile and widely used method for creating high-quality prints with vibrant colours and is particularly popular for custom apparel, posters, signage and promotional products.